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爆料革命术语录) Starting with the 2017 Whistleblower’s Movement, several of the mantras used by Guo Wengui have become internet hot topic (most frequently searched term). For example, "Did you guys work out today?" "Everything is just beginning! "Everything’s Just Begun!", "The truth is non-negotiable", “BGY” plan. "3F" plan. "CCP-Virus". And more. Here are some comments and explanations through the lens of the Whistleblower’s Movement supporters and followers.

Did you guys work out today?

"Dear followers, did you work out today?" Almost every video broadcast of Mr. Guo Wengui since 2017 has greeted his followers with this phrase, which has also been deeply imprinted on the hearts of the Whistleblower’s Movement supporters.

Fitness is something that Mr. Guo Wengui has been advocating and encouraging all members of the Whistleblower’s Movement to participate in since the beginning of the Whistleblower’s Movement. Mr. Guo Wengui sets an example by following a step-by-step, structured workout. Frequently, during his opening remarks of his live broadcasts, he is engaged in exercise. Over time the phrase "Did you guys work out today?" has become a most frequently searched internet term, and is frequently used allusion to Guo Wengui among followers of the Whistleblower’s Movement (especially among followers within the walls from mainland china). Mr. Guo Wengui is also known as the "North American Fitness Trainer". Mr. Guo wants to encourage his followers to keep fit. I hope that my followers will be strong enough to face the new China without the Communist Party," says Mr. Guo.

For several years, Mr. Guo has been keeping his followers physically fit, and listening to the news about the revolution has also been keeping them mentally fit. When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) collapses and the flag of the New Federal State of China stands on the land of China, the followers will be able to take up the responsibility on their shoulders.

Mr. Guo reminds those who are not ready to begin their preparation, and those who are, to improve their physical, mental and spiritual strength to fight the Communist Party.

Everything is just beginning:

"Everything is just beginning" is the common closing line of Mr. Guo Wengui's livestream videos. Mr. Guo Wengui began his Whistleblower’s Movement in the U.S. in early 2017. Through live media broadcasts his ultimate goal is removing the evil Chinese Communist regime, and the Whistleblower’s Movement has had a tremendous impact and sparked much international discussion. Over the years, it has warned of a number of major incidents, accumulated a broad and deep international reputation, and received widespread support from the international community. He has endured various threats, slander and rumors from the CCP. In Mr. Guo Wengui's more than 1,000 live video broadcasts, he often ends with the phrase "everything is just beginning. Many viewers were shocked by the content of the live broadcast, but invariably remembered the sign-off sentence. As the "Whistleblower’s Movement" spreads and influences a growing audience the phrase "everything is just beginning" is being adopted as a greeting to express admiration for Mr. Guo Wengui, and support for the mission objectives of the Whistleblower’s Movement. Mr. Guo Wengui intends this admonition to be a celebration of what has been accomplished and at the same time a rallying cry for the beginning of new battles., It has also become a means for followers to identify themselves and others.

Everything has begun:

“Everything has begun!" This sentence is a continuation of Mr. Guo Wengui's often stated "everything is just beginning," meaning that the Whistleblower’s Movement has entered a whole new stage. Towards the end of his live broadcast in March 2020, Mr. Guo Wengui changed the closing phrase to "everything has begun" to mean that a new chapter was opening in the Whistleblower’s Movement. As Mr. Guo Wengui said, one of the events that shocked the world was the founding of the New Federal State of China. The phrase "everything has begun" has become one of the expressions used to greet followers of the Whistleblower’s Movement.

After more than three years of unremitting efforts, Mr. Guo Wengui led the Whistleblower’s Movement to successfully awaken the United States as the leader of the Western democracies. The struggle of the people of Hong Kong, the democratic election of the people of Taiwan, and the worldwide rampage of the CCP-virus have made more and more countries and people understand the dark nature of the CCP. Starting in 2020, the U.S. and other democracies have begun to push back against the economic, cultural, technological, political, and diplomatic warfare of the CCP by launching various challenges and sanctions. For this reason, Mr. Guo Wengui changed the way he signed off his broadcast from "everything is just beginning" to "everything has begun". This was a sign that the darkness was about to pass and the pre-dawn general attack was about to begin. The Whistleblower’s Movement has since entered the phase of extermination the CCP. Mr. Guo’s March 2020 YouTube channel video mentions this.

The truth is non-negotiable:

"The truth is non-negotiable" is a key phrase that Mr. Guo Wengui often speaks about on air. It is also an important concept for the Whistleblower’s Movement. Mr. Guo Wengui insists that his Whistleblower’s Movement must adhere to the truth, this is what has built and sustained his credibility and reputation, and of the Whistleblower’s Movement. This revolution, combined with the " The truth is non-negotiable" approach, presents a brutal and stark picture of the evil of the CCP. It has awakened thousands of followers and fuels the movement to fight courageously.

Mr. Guo Wengui has lived up to this fundamental principle since his revolutionary beginnings. Everything he has said and done has withstood historical scrutiny. For years, the CCP have been looking for dirt on Mr. Guo. He has been accused of everything from "rapist" to "Guo San-Miao"... but they have been unable to find anything but fabricated smears, and that is why so many of his supporters follow him. Mr. Guo's the truth is non-negotiable can completely defeat ‘false, ugly, scandalous and evil’.

BGY plan:



Blue-Gold-Yellow (B.G.Y.), is the plan used by the CCP to control (overseas) people. Mr. Guo Wengui described this in his 2017 broadcast. BGY stands for the three colors B:Blue; G:Gold; and Y:Yellow respectively.

Blue: control of the Internet. The CCP have been very successful in using the Internet to control the world’s finance, media, military, intelligence, public opinion, opinion polls, etc. Effectively conducting cyber warfare. This is accomplished by offers of money, using leverage, offering market access, providing other benefits. The result has been far reaching control of the world's communications providers, network operators, financial executives, celebrities, VIPs and media influencers, etc.

Gold: influence through payoffs. Achieving control of an individual through blackmail often by means of the transfer of some monetary or illegal benefit. This can be in the form of an unofficial tax benefit or tax evasion which is then held over the victim under threat of prosecution.

Yellow: Assert control over key people through sex and seduction. By staging honey traps, drug scandals, gambling scandals, the CCP traps Government officials, businessmen, media personalities and celebrities in various countries. Large sums of money are funneled to victims through gambling or by manipulating them into debt disputes. Recordings are made of controlled persons having sex, gambling, using drugs, collecting large amounts of chips in order to achieve long-term compliance & cooperation.


On August 7, 2017 Guo Wengui first livestream broadecast on his YouTube channel to report that the CCP had officially implemented the BGY Plan in 2011. He then told Americans at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on October 5, that the Chinese government had implemented two successful plans to ensure the U.S. would foment chaos and failure of the U.S. Republic - the BGY plan and the 3-F plan. In the course of the implementation of the BGY Plan, the world's elites from all walks of life have fallen prey to the CCP. The CCP has created lobbyists for their interests, and in turn, through these lobbyists, achieved control of the world. It has been an effective, undeclared modern form of warfare, which has been going on since the day it was launched. If the world does not wake up and fight back, the entire western world will eventually succumb.


Selected typical cases

  1. Taiwan's former president, Ma Ying-jeou, was under the control of the CCP for many years, and every move he and his family made was controlled by the CCP. As a result, during his tenure, he took a series of bold measures meant to integrate Taiwan more with mainland China. Measures such as: promoting direct transport across the Taiwan Strait, loosening of restrictions with regards to air, marine, and postal links as well as better regulations on food safety; easing restrictions on Taiwan investment in mainland China; approving measures that would allow mainland Chinese investors to buy Taiwan stocks; extending the duration of students' stay in Taiwan; easing the entry of mainland Chinese working on projects in Taiwan; cooperation on joint anti-crime, mutual legal assistance and intellectual property protection; strengthening medicine and health cooperation; achieving high-level summit talks between the mainland and Taiwan. He declared that the relations between Taiwan and mainland China were a “special relationship not between two nations”, but one that can be handled invoking the "1992 consensus" between the two sides. His predecessor President Chen Shui-bian, who promoted Taiwan independence and Taiwan's accession to the United Nations, and who did not take orders from the Chinese government, was sent to prison for 20 years on corruption charges.
  2. Hong Kong is one of the world's three major financial centers. Core financial data, stock market volatility, various financial reference indicators and information on Hong Kong's financial, banking, government securities, and listed companies is manipulated through control exercised by the Chinese government via the internet. On September 5th 2019 the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) shocked the world by announcing the suspension of trading shortly after the market opened in the morning. The media exposed that the Founder Software used by HKEX had been designed to manipulate the rise and fall of the stock market. Against the backdrop of a serious economic downturn in Hong Kong caused by the US-China trade war and Hong Kong's protest during 2019-2020 the suspension prevented international traders from shorting the Hong Kong dollar and the Hang Seng Index.
  3. Mainland China, with a population of 1.4 billion, of which more than 800 million are Internet users, also has the world's tightest cyber barrier - the firewall. Through the Internet, the Chinese government controls freedom of speech and the spiritual world of 1.4 billion people and has been brainwashing and ‘dumbing-down’ the people for decades. It spreads false statements to guide public opinion, manipulates public opinion, arouses hatred among the people towards the United States and other Western democracies, and blocks people from each other. The lack of normal flow of information and opinions, the long-term brainwashing of generations makes it difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood, between good and evil, between right and wrong, between beauty and ugliness. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic police silenced Dr. Li Wenliang and seven other health care workers who raised the warning. The next day China Central Television's (CCTV) dismissed the "false" statements of these eight people. This is just one of tens of millions of similar incidents of suppression that occur each year. Advancements in information technology and big data has provided the Chinese government with more powerful technical methods for suppression and control: cyber surveillance, facial-recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, gait recognition, license plate recognition, web-sensitive word filtering, Skynet engineering, location and messaging applications, and the creation of DNA databases, among other things, have turned mainland China into a slave prison under a high-tech dome.
  4. The United States is the hardest hit by the CCP’s manipulation of online speech and the perpetration of cyber theft and cyber-attacks. According to a Stanford study Twitter announced the shutdown of 23,750 CCP-controlled accounts on June 11, 2020. There is evidence linking those behind the operation of these accounts to the 200,000 bot Twitter accounts that were blocked on August 2019. Twitter's assessment of the operation noted that the accounts themselves were part of a larger cyber-warfare effort. The target of this June 2020 CCP Cyber Army mission is thought to be the Hong Kong democracy movement and the Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. The intent was to create a perception that the tweets expressed the opinions and thoughts of ordinary Chinese people. The closed accounts uniformly praised the CCP response to the pandemic, claimed that the Chinese were unified in their response, called for global solidarity, praised doctors and medical personnel, explicitly criticized the United States for its response to the epidemic, responded to the international community's perception that Taiwan's response to the virus was superior to China's as unreasonable sophistry, and attacked Mr. Guo Wengui for spreading disinformation about the coronavirus and the discrediting China.
  5. On October 30, 2018, Chinese intelligence agents hacked private companies in more than 12 countries. The U.S. Department of Justice filed its 3rd major commercial espionage case involving Chinese intelligence officers. The indictment states that the prosecution is for theft of information related to turbofan engines used in commercial aircraft. February 11, 2020 the U.S. Justice Department announced that four members of the Chinese military were accused of breaking into Equifax's credit reporting agency network and stealing personal information from tens of millions of Americans. This is one of the largest hacks ever carried out by the CCP against consumer data. In March 2020 the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that China's most sophisticated hackers and spies are stealing the U.S. research results on coronavirus vaccines and cures. A 2017 U.S. investigative report assessed the U.S. losses from intellectual property theft at $600 billion a year. Most of that by the CCP.
  6. In June 2020 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released an investigation that revealed that of the scientists receiving funds from the NIH, 54% concealed participation in the Chinese "1000 talents" program. Another 9% concealed ties to foreign companies, and 4% held undisclosed foreign patents. About 5% were violating the NIH's peer review system. NIH has disqualified 77 researchers from grants or sponsorships. And 54 scientists who received NIH research grants have been expelled.
  7. The performance of the World Health Organization (WHO) during this outbreak has been controversial. On May 18, 2020, speaking to reporters at the White House, President Donald Trump said, "they (the WHO) are China's puppets, to put it nicely, they are China-centric". He also posted on his personal Twitter account, “we spent $452 million last year, almost $500 million, and China only spent $42 million, I just can't believe it, it's not fair to us”. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director General of the WHO) detailed a list of 14 "failed WHO responses" to the corona virus epidemic. These included allegations that Xi had pressured the WHO not to declare the epidemic an emergency, and then that the WHO had "failed to respond" to the epidemic. Under pressure to declare an emergency, the CCP said on February 3rd that the risk of the infection spreading to other countries was low and there was no need to seal the border. On march 3rd the WHO still insisted that the coronavirus was less infectious than influenza and that the onset of illness in infected persons within 48 hours did not create cause for concern about the risk of transmission. All this propaganda proved to be deadly misinformation in the end. It was only on April 11 that the WHO declared the new crown a global pandemic. By then global deaths exceeded 4,000, the number of infected exceeded 100,000, and the epidemic had spread to 114 countries. Taiwan's officials were informed of the emergence of the human-to-human transmission of the virus in the Wuhan region on 31 October, 2019, but the WHO did not share this information with the world. Rather the WHO persisted in praising China's transparency in the epidemic-prevention process. China still refuses to share accurate and timely data. Tedros Adhanom ignores several controversial incidents of racial discrimination in China, but instead makes unfounded criticism of Taiwan's racial discrimination against him. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has publicly declared the success of the WHO's epidemic prevention under Tedros’ leadership and said that China will provide $2 Billion of the international epidemic relief donations in the next two years. The United States of America has assisted the international community in the amount of US$ 1 billion.
  8. Voice of America (VOA) station director Amanda Bennett and deputy director Sandy Sugawala resigned on June 15, 2020. The Voice of America, the foreign broadcasting system of the U.S. Information Agency, was founded during World War II and has served as a mouthpiece for the U.S. government to promote world-wide liberal democracy. But the White House in April criticized the Voice of America for spending about $200 million a year to help China, Iran and other countries instead of "telling the America's story". President Donald Trump named the Voice of America at his April 15 press conference: "If you hear what's coming out of the Voice of America, it's disgusting," Trump said on Wednesday. "things they say are disgusting toward our country". Guo Wengui, who had been taken off the air on April 15, 2017 in a VOA interview, spoke about the Voice of America during a live broadcast on June 15, rhetorically asking why all the democrats interviewed by VOA are anti-Trump, against the Hong Kong freedom movement and against the Expose Revolution. The VOA is one of the most blatant examples of BGY infiltration and influence operations by the CCP. The family of Amanda Bennett's husband Donald Graham, has run the left-leaning American media outlet ‘The Washington Post’ for more than two decades. During this time The Washington Post carved out a space for the CCP’s overseas arm - China Daily - which has allowed the CCP to promote its propaganda to Americans. Amanda Bennett's husband also owns ‘Kaplan’, an education holding company that has invested billions of dollars in China. Kaplan has partnerships with dozens of Universities in China.

3F plan:


The "3 F's of the United States" are to Foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America. This is a series of plans for the conquest of the United States that have been put forward within the high echelons of the CCP since the time of the South Putra Conference. This plan, which has led the United States to extreme turmoil on many levels, will put the security of the American people and their assets at great risk. The killing power of these plans is far greater than 9/11. Americans must be alert to avoid a major catastrophe.



On October 3, 2017, the Hudson Institute, a U.S. think tank, was pressured by the CCP to temporarily cancel Guo Wengui's scheduled speech the following day. Guo Wengui was then temporarily rescheduled to give a speech on the 5th with the assistance of Washington Free Beacon reporter Bill Goetz and Citizen Power founder Jianli Yang, among others. The National Press Club of America in Washington, D.C., held a press conference and invited NBC, The New York Times, Radio Free Asia and other media outlets. At the meeting, Guo Wengui, for the first time, publicly presented top secret documents from China's National Security Council, and for the first time publicly told the news media that the CCP has two plans to set the United States up for utter failure. Namely, the Blue, Gold and Yellow Plan (BGY) and the 3F USA Plan.

Selected typical cases

  1. The US Intelligence Committee Russia-gate investigation of President Donald Trump. On January 2017, April 2019 the U.S. Department of Justice issued an investigative report showing no evidence of Donald Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 election. In May 2019 Congress targets President Donald Trump for abusing his power and obstructing a congressional investigation to initiate presidential impeachment. February 2020 the Senate rejects the impeachment of President Donald Trump. During that time President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden of receiving bribes from China and has repeatedly said he wants to drain the swamp in Washington. Years of Chinese infiltration have brought the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States into an endless battle.
  2. The caravan incident. In October 2018 approximately 6,000 illegal immigrants (in 4 separate waves) from Central and South America Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and elsewhere traveled north and assembled at the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to force their way through the blockade. According to Guatemalan sources, a steady stream of buses continued to arrive at the Guatemala-Honduras border. The caravan was eventually stopped by increased patrols and law enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border and by the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. But according to a Department of Homeland Security investigation, the illegal immigrants came from about 20 different countries, some of whom had gang backgrounds and criminal histories. Vice-President Pence publicly stated that the refugees at the southern border of the United States were organized by left-wing groups and financed by Venezuela. This was at a time when Venezuela was suffering from the toughest sanctions ever imposed by the United States, the country was in a severe economic crisis, and when China was the country's largest employer, oil importer and creditor, and the largest financier of the Maduro government.
  3. The U.S. Fentanyl overdose deaths in the U.S. have increased every year since 2000. According to the CDC Fentanyl kills more than 18,000 Americans each year, and the FBI investigations have shown that 95% of drugs such as fentanyl flowing into the U.S. are from China. On October 26, 2017, President Donald Trump declared a national public health emergency in the United States in response to the opioid epidemic. The United States is now killing more people from drug overdoses than from gun homicides and car crashes combined, according to Trump. It is the leading cause of death. The United States has continued to pressure the Chinese government to strengthen controls on fentanyl smuggling because of the fentanyl crisis. There has been friction between the US and China over fentanyl smuggling controls. In December 2018, during the G20 summit in Argentina, Xi Jinping had promised Trump to regulate fentanyl. In August 2019 Senior Advisor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, said that last year alone Federal agents seize enough fentanyl to kill every American man, woman and child four times over. Peter Navarro, director of the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Pocily, has publicly stated that fentanyl smuggling remains one of the "seven deadly sins" that China must address.
  4. Wuhan Virus Incident. In November 2019 the new coronavirus that first emerged in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, spread rapidly across China in a short period of time and caused a large number of infections and deaths before spreading to 188 countries and territories around the world in more than six months, infecting more than 20 million people and killing nearly 750,000 as of August 13, 2020
  5. Antifa Event. On May 25, 2020 George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man who suffered from neo-coronavirus and lost his job as a result, died on May 25, 2020. Floyd took large amounts of drugs and was arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for using a counterfeit $20 bill. A white police officer’s actions led to Floyd’s suffocation death. A witness live-streamed footage of Floyd arrest. Subsequently many American citizens peacefully demonstrated to demand a fair trial for the police officers involved and to confront the deep-rooted racial discrimination in the country. The demonstrations soon turned into riots, with road blockades, robberies, vandalism and tepid enforcement of the law by police officers particularly when journalists were covering the scene. The phenomenon spread to more than 30 states across the U.S. On May 31, U.S. Attorney General Barr released a statement saying that Antifa and other groups incited the violence and labelled this domestic terrorism. On the same day US President Donald Trump tweeted, indicating that the US would define Antifa as a terrorist organization.
  6. Antifa in the United States is a radical left-wing anarchist, anti-fascist political movement that advocates direct action in opposition to the American Republic. The Antifa movement uses different means of protesting - online, infiltrating peaceful demonstrations to ignite violent confrontations, force and harassment of groups with opposing views such as fascists, racists, and the extreme right. Participants tend to be anti-capitalist and include derivative left-wing ideologies, such as anti-authoritarians, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, and Social Democrats.


The medical name is Neocoronavirus (English: Novel Coronavirus or Covid19). This is an unnatural virus artificially created by the CCP in its military laboratories. It is an extremely dangerous biological weapon used to maim and coerce the Chinese people and the people of the world in order to achieve world domination. Since the CCP unleashed the virus in late 2019, it has infected millions of people and killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.