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G-TV [1] is more than a social networking platform. It is a package of technologies and opportunities including: a digital currency on the G-TV platform, G-TV's unique multi-player live video broadcast, G-TV's future participation in other companies in the G-Ecosystem, and G-TV's planned acquisitions of existing high-tech companies. The social network platform component is based on video streaming technology which integrates many of the most popular and high-end technologies such as broadcast streaming, beauty cam, filters, facial recognition, voice changer, video editing, etc. It offers most of the features of TikTok and Twitter.


  1. Video viewing: comments, praise, favorites, rewards, subscriptions, downloads, etc.
  2. Video recording: face changer, masks, background changes, soundtracks, dubbing, special filters effects, etc.
  3. Video production: video images, adding filters, soundtracks, special effects, etc.
  4. Real-time chat: add friends, private messages, send pictures, share videos, live video, etc.
  5. Live broadcasts: face changing, electro-acoustic, background changing, custom titles, uploading videos to live broadcasts, pictures, multiplayer live broadcasts, etc.
  6. Posts: browse posts, publish posts, comment, and praise, etc.

Value of G-TV stock:

What determines stock prices? Investing is about returns. Stocks are valued on the basis of how much a business will return each year when we invest in it.

Think of interest on bank deposits as the most basic business model in the U.S. When we deposit $100 in a bank at an interest rate of 0.25%, the bank will pay you $0.25 in interest at the end of the year. Thus, for every $100 invested, at the end of the year, in addition to holding the principal amount in a bank certificate of deposit, we can earn $0.25 in interest as a return on our investment.

Similarly, if we hold 100 shares of stock, each of which brings in $1.00 in dividends per year, at the end of the year, we will have earned $100.00 in dividends in addition to the 100 shares of stock we hold. Compared to depositing money in a bank, this $100 return would require a $40,000 Bank deposit to realize ($100/.0025). Therefore, the 100 shares are equivalent to a $40,000 deposit and are therefore valued at $400 per share ($100/.0025).

This is the formula for pricing the stock without regard to market expectations: price equals dividend per share divided by market discount (interest) rate (1/.0025). The more profitable the company, the higher the dividend and the higher the share price. The lower the discount (market interest) rates are, the higher the share price.

We can also consider U.S. government bonds when assessing the return potential of G-TV stocks. U.S. bonds are safe enough to be compared to deposits, yet have an annual interest rate of about 0.7%, It takes $12,000 of U.S. bonds to achieve a $100 return. With these US bond returns, the final $1 per share earnings can be calculated at around $120.

Valuation is the value and the price fluctuates around value. The actual share price will fluctuate in an arc around the intrinsic company price. If there is a huge “black swan” event, such as a major favorable or allegedly criminal event popping up, the stock price will fluctuate dramatically in response to a major change in intrinsic value.

What about GTV stock:

We already know that there are two factors that will affect the future valuation of G-TV stock.

  1. Federal interest rate/U.S. debt rate
  2. Profitability of G-TV

With the economic downturn, we have entered the era of negative interest rates and the Fed has repeatedly resorted to printing money and QE to avoid a crash, which makes it unlikely that the Fed will raise rates significantly in 5-8 years, which is obviously good for the stock price with high growth and relatively high and steady dividends. With respect to profitability, the user acceptance of G-TV is already proving that the platform is very successful compared to the historical peer group.

In the presence of the Great Firewall, Facebook has 2.7 billion users, YouTube has 1.9 billion users, WhatsApp 1.5 billion users, WeChat 1.08 billion users, QQ 800 million users, WeiBo 400 million users, Twitter 300 million users. These are all currently very profitable internet companies, and the current price per share of these internet companies ranges from 10’s to 100’s of dollars.

Unlike these peers, G-TV is not only a social network platform investment but also offers: a digital currency on the G-TV platform, G-TV's unique multi-player live video broadcast, G-TV's future participation in other companies in the G-Ecosystem, and G-TV's planned acquisitions of existing high-tech companies, all of which will bring significant growth in the company's profitability.

What are the market expectations for GTV:

G-TV's expectations are staggering. Consider the growth of G-TV. Twitter has only reached 335 million registered users in 14 years, while G-Post (GTV's predecessor) reached 110 million registrations in just 3 months. On June 4th, even with the Great Firewall preventing most mainland Chinese from accessing the broadcast, there were 20 million viewers online - which is unprecedented in the industry. This kind of viewership, and potential viewership, creates a strong psychological expectation about value for investors

The current estimates of price are based an assumption that the Great Firewall is still in place, and that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet access (free Wi-Fi access) is not implemented, and therefore that the market inside the Wall is not fully unleashed. Once the firewall comes down and the demand, that 1.4 billion Chinese people have suppressed for 70 years, explodes, only G-TV can give them the truth. After the CCP loses control G-TV will be the main social networking platform they can trust.

Based on this kind of potential, growth cannot be easily estimated. G-TV will create a social network revolution. The West has never seen such a large market combined with a Hi-Tech social network platform that integrates media, digital currency settlement, and Finance. The history of social networking will be rewritten.

  1. G-TV Homepage https://gtv.org