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G-Financial Series (G-Finance & G-Entities)


A monetary system based on sovereignty

The post-Bretton Woods world monetary system is characterized by national sovereign currencies with national credit as the main backstop. The problem with the current system is gross over-issuance of these national sovereign fiat currencies. All the major global fiat currencies suffer from this weakness.

Global dollar settlement system

Guo WenGui has stated that the United States is now aware of the challenges to the global dollar settlement system. Competition has been introduced in global international settlements dominated by the U.S. dollar. This is the main context in which the G-Financial Series was initiated. Without the acquiescence of the United States, the G-Financial Series could not have been introduced.

The Communist Party's Challenge to the Global Dollar Settlement System

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has used one Belt one Road, the creation of digital currencies, and the promotion of RMB international settlement in order to challenge the hegemony of the U.S. dollar, and to take over of global finance. Another condition for the initiation of the G-Financial Series has been the need to avoid this take over and destruction of the world’s currencies and finances, in the face of this challenge from the CCP.

The growing maturity of cryptocurrency technology

In order to break the monopoly of Centralized Sovereign Banks’ right to mint coins, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology were created. Blockchain technology dramatically reduces the cost of minting and international settlement, and ensures payment security. It is the technical condition for the introduction of the G-Financial Series.

The age of social media and online shopping

The Whistleblower’s Movement has attracted unprecedented numbers of followers, awareness and action through their social media platforms. The Chinese Communist Party virus (CCP-virus) has further accelerated the boom in online shopping. The goal of the G-Entities (including, but not limited to, G-TV, G-News, G-Mall, G-Fashion, G-Club) is to create the highest level of freedom of expression, the best brand quality and best International fashion platforms for the World, and to leverage the value between these platforms and G-Finance.

The need to build a new China

Another challenge for G-Financial Series is how to generate the large amounts of capital required for the New Federal State of China (NFSC) after the Whistleblower’s Movement triumphs, and how to support the livelihoods of those who engaged in the Whistleblower’s Movement.

The need for international recognition of the New Federal State of China

Guo Wengui has repeatedly referred to the "1949 Treasury Bonds" purchased by the United States from the Qing Dynasty. If the CCP does not recognize the 1949 Treasury Bonds, the NFSC may recognize these treasury bonds (worth approximately $2 trillion today). Mr. Guo mentioned that he could buy 60%-70% of these bonds and use them as the USD anchor for the G-Currencies (including, but not limited to G-Coin, G-Dollar and Himalaya Gold Coin). If this negotiation is successful, the Americans will benefit as this Treasury asset would offset the current Treasury Liabilities to China. The added benefit of this arrangement is that the World would be encouraged to recognize the NFSC as the new reliable, credit-worthy, and legitimate Government of China.


G-Finance includes the Himalaya Federal Reserve, G-Shares and G-Banks. This summary is preliminary and further details to be announced in future.

  1. The Himalaya Federal Reserve is the issuer of G-Coin, G-Dollar, and Himalaya Gold Coin.
  2. G-Shares, are a series of shares issued by several commercial entities (including, but not limited to G-TV, G-News, G-Fashion, G-Mall and G-Club).
  3. The G-Banks are Banks that G-Finance will acquire or participates in.

Himalaya Federal Reserve

The Himalaya Federal Reserve is the monetary issuing agency for G-Finance. It issues G- Currencies including, but not limited to, G-coin, G-dollar and Himalaya Gold Coin.


G-Coin are the virtual coins. There are two versions: early version G-Coin and official (future) G-Coin. The early version G-Coin is used within the social media platforms to tip the channel hosts on G-TV. It will be converted into the official G-Coin when it becomes available. Then it will be the internal and community virtual currency. The official G-Coin will initially circulate within G-Entities, such as G-TV, G-News, G-Fashion, G-Mall and G-Club etc. The currency will float in value and be pegged to gold, and will be freely convertible with other currencies of G-Financial Series as well as fiat currency.
Initially G-Coin were available in the Apple Store and stored in users G-TV accounts. Purchasing through the Apple Store was later shut down due to the huge amount of purchases in a short period of time which triggered the Apple Store's anti-money laundering mechanism. Due to the 30% service fee charged by Apple Store, G-Coin was discontinued on the Apple Store platform.


G-dollar first became available for pre-order once G-coin was discontinued. It is a virtual community currency which will initially circulate only within G-Entities. G-Dollar was available for pre-order through Banks and third-party payment methods (Stripe), and personal cheque or credit card.
Due to the Chinese Communist Party's pressure, much of the money processed through Stripe, wire transfer and credit card was returned. In the case of wire transfers, large sums of money were returned to Wells Fargo Bank in the United States, East West Bank, Capital One, and four major banks in Australia. Lawsuit are pending in all of these cases.
G-Dollar will be available for purchase in the third quarter of 2020, and will be freely convertible with other currencies in the G-Financial series as well as fiat currency.

Himalaya Gold Coin

Himalayan Gold Coins are physical gold coins and will be stored in Japan, Europe, etc. They will be freely convertible with other currencies in the G-financial Series as well as fiat currencies. Guo also stated that at some point G-Dollar and G-Coin will be converted into Himalaya Ying-Coin and Yang-Coin.


G-Shares are shares issued by various commercial entities. Trading will be through the Private Placement Market initially, with plans to eventually trade in the Secondary, Public Market.


G-Finance plans to acquire or participate in commercial Bank(s) in order to provide Financial Services to the G-Finance community, the NFSC, and to avoid the type of pressure brought to bear by the CCP in future.


G-Club is a membership club for G-Fashion. Membership fees range from $10,000 to $50,000.

G-Ecosystem profitability

G-Financial Series is absolutely different from any financial system that already exists. Its core purpose is to generate funds for the NFSC, and secondly, to produce profits for its members.

Mr. Guo has disclosed that the financial plans of G-Financial Series rely on financing (for example crowd-funding, Private Placements, Public Equity, Convertible Bonds), earnings from commercial enterprises and interest income.

  1. Profitability of G-Entities. Each G-Entity is a profit center. This is the foundation of G-Financial Series.
  2. Profitability of G-Banks. G-Banks will add global Whistleblower supporters and Chinese nationals as customers once the CCP has been eliminated.
  3. Issue Convertible Corporate Bonds. Mr. Guo mentioned the possibility of issuing Convertible Corporate Bonds to investors.
  4. Issuing Equity (G-Shares). G-TV already finished the first Private placement and raised 480 million dollars as a start-up company. In future the goal is to take the G-Entities public.
  5. G-Club membership fees. G-Club is a membership club for G-Fashion. Membership fees range from $10,000 to $50,000. The first tranche of G-Club members may qualify for an option to buy 20% of the value of their membership in G-Fashion shares (a $50,000 membership has an option to buy $10,000 of shares, a $10,000 membership as an option to buy $2,000 of shares). Details will be announced by Mr. Guo in the future. G-Club membership will be limited in number, so the value of a membership will increase as G-Fashion share-holdings grow in value.
  6. VOG. The Voice of Guo Media (VOG) is the equivalent of an institutional investor in G-TV's original equity investment. The VOG investment is achieved through crowd-funding (CF) in the community of Whistleblower supporters who have limited Wealth. This is a continuation of Mr. Guo's "supporters as the core" philosophy. CF contributions were made through Banks - wire transfer. Initially $117M was raised through CF. Due to the Chinese Communist Party's pressure, all of the money processed through wire transfer was returned. Large sums of money were returned to Wells Fargo Bank in the United States and East West Bank. Lawsuit are pending concerning these returns.
  7. Himalaya Farms. Providing its members with services pertaining to entrepreneurship, tourism, financing, security, mobility, leisure, insurance, immigration, and settlement assistance. Engaging in Industrial development to revitalize the local economy, to increase regional revenues under the laws and regulations of the host nation and region

Financial risk aversion

The G-Financial system’s monetary policy must not be managed in the same way as existing Sovereign nations. Printing more money, quantitative easing, managing interest rates and high leverage are not sustainable strategies to manage financial risks.

G-Financial monetary system - guiding principle

Friedrich Hayek's book, “The Demonetization of Money”, addresses the modern sovereign state's monopoly on currency issuance and the monetary overruns caused by the problems of inflation and vicious unemployment. The possibility of a non-nationalized, market-competitive currency is explored. In the book Hayek explores the advantages of the gold standard over the Bretton Woods system. And he points out that government monopoly on money issuance and unlimited money printing are the root causes of inflation, hyperinflation and malignant unemployment. Hayek also points to the prospects for a truly free currency.

Private money issuance

Hayek believed that any sovereign State has an instinctive urge to over-issue money. Allowing private issuance of banknotes, abolishing State monopolies, liberalizing foreign exchange controls and giving the public the freedom to choose a more stable currency avoids severe swings in unemployment and inflation.

Competitive Currencies

It is therefore necessary to abolish the state monopoly on currency issuance and allow free competition between national fiat and private currencies. In competition, reputable currencies will stand out, and unreliable ones will be automatically eliminated.


The currency must be redeemable. Only currencies that are redeemable for a certain amount of physical gold are truly valuable. The late Bretton Woods system went bankrupt due to the exodus of gold from the United States, and the United States restricting the redemption of gold.

Controlling the amount of money issued

Achieving the gold standard is only a means to an end; the real goal is to limit the amount of money issued. This is the key. Only a controlled amount of money issuance will keep the value of the currency stable.

G-Financial Series and Hayek

The G-Financial Series principles coincide with Hayek's theory of monetary demonetization. The G-financial Series is not just about having liquidity within the G-Entities, but is also a commitment to competing with fiat currencies to achieve global circulation and become the best vehicle for wealth preservation and growth.


Ease of converting fiat currency

G-Finance is already preparing to acquire or take a stake in five banks, which will facilitate deposits and commercial transactions with G-Currencies and between G-Currencies and fiat currencies.

Local legal and regulatory requirements

The approach that is being considered in the short term is to only use the G-Currencies for internal circulation. In future, when the G-Currencies need to be convertible to other fiat currencies, this will need to be implemented in full compliance with local legal and regulatory requirements.

Using G-Financial series on the Internet

This requires application of blockchain and internet technology to make payments and transactions easy, secure and safe.

Stable appreciation

G-News and G-TV have already proved their potential through online metrics (views, clicks, users), financial metrics (private placement oversubscription and private bids for blocks of shares) and the potential for the businesses is vast, once the Great Firewall has been taken down. G-Shares have excellent prospects for future appreciation.