Himalaya - The Pinnacle of Freedom

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This page is a translated version of the page 喜马拉雅自由之巅 and the translation is 100% complete.
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Himalaya - The Pinnacle of Freedom

The national anthem (“Himalaya-The Pinnacle of Freedom”) of The New Federal State of China was released simultaneously on June 4, 2020 on GTV.org, Lude Media, and other citizen journalism media. The anthem is recognized by supporters of the Whistleblower’s Movement. The song was created collaboratively by supporters of the Whistleblower’s Movement around the world. Composer: Tang Ping; lyrics: Qi Fuwei, Shu Wen, Tang Ping.


First Verse
Himalaya, the pinnacle of freedom
Our home of heavenly blessings
From here the unknown hero has started his spiritual awakening
Breaking through the darkness, he leads the way
The cry for equality and justice has never been at rest
Let’s pray sincerely for tomorrow
Raising our shields side by side

Second Verse
Holding the sword of truth
To cut off the evil and deceitful
Seven thousand warriors are here to defend our mother’s grace
Our youth are making sacrifices with great passion
May such a life never be forgotten
May all the sons and daughters of China gain a rebirth
Himalaya, the pinnacle of great love
Our beautiful home heavenly blessed
We will forever and ever defend our faith of freedom
With Himalaya staying in our heart and mind forever
We are fearless in facing all adversities
Himalaya, the pinnacle of freedom